Greg Grebe Client Testimonials

I want you both to know that I will always hold you in highest honorable esteem for the many ways that you have all fought for the girls and my needs and rights during this very vulnerable time!
May God abundantly, over the top, bless you many times over what you gave! God does have special favor for the widows and orphans…He is pleased with your hearts!


Greg Grebe represented me in a personal injury case resulting from a traffic accident that was the other driver’s fault. Greg was very helpful and explained the process we would be going through as well as the individual steps that would take place, and how each of their outcomes could affect the end result. I feel I was well represented and believe Greg and his Staff always had my best interest in mind. There was good communication throughout the entire process and I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Gregory Grebe to anyone who needs a Personal Injury Lawyer.


It’s not that it’s hard to say thank you to Greg Grebe for all the time, effort, and amazing results; it’s more like it is not enough. He is by far the most honest, ethical and hard working attorney a person could ever ask for. He thankfully took our case, it was a case that would be hard to win because of lack of evidence but he took it knowing he’d have to put up a large sum of his own money and recourses. Greg is thoughtful in his actions and purposeful in his position he is the kind of attorney a person of conviction wants when dealing with a trying matter. Greg was always available to explain every detail and scenario, he is a patient man who truly cares about the individual or in my case family. I can’t say enough kind words or attributes about Greg Grebe he is simply the best attorney I’ve ever met.


I can’t express how much I appreciate you – not only taking a smaller amount – but especially for taking my case at all. I had literally called every malpractice or related attorney, and every one of them turned me down because they didn’t think they could make enough money. I am truly grateful not to have to pay for someone injuring me – and aside from that having something extra. It has done my heart good – restored a little faith. Thanks for the words of wisdom along the way and all that you have done to help me.


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